The Grand Trying

by Achter Kol

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    Mastered by Maya Zimmerman

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My first forays into music were incredibly lonely- reflections of how I had come to feel both as a person and as a musician. I never thought anyone would believe in me or care about my art.

This album is a testament to why that was wrong.

Thank you to (in no particular order):
Brianna, Alyssa, Echo, Elle, Nick, Noel'le, Taylor, Diane, Maya, Emily, Naomi, Penny, Heather, Claire, Vicky, Sophia, Lily, Groobert & W. Joel, Belle, Claudius, Joan, James, Charles, Tim, Kate, Anna, Felix, Jamie, Joy, Griffin, Aster, Alex, Jacqalin, Emmett, and Uncle John

For: Angie & Emma


released November 1, 2016

Instruments & Vocals: Andromeda
Mixing: Echo Darwin
Art: Nick Berger



all rights reserved


Achter Kol Chicago, Illinois

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Track Name: (2) Quicksand
Maybe all the quicksand
We were raised to fear
Was inside us all along

Maybe the ground gave way
Long before foundations laid
And a home collapsing into the dirt
Was how it was just built to be


I set a stream, I set a stream
Between the bogs-
Between the dirt and leaves

And maybe we, maybe we
Weren't meant to live like this-
But we do anyway

I built a home, set my roots
In rotted soil-
Too damaged to grow any leaves

And all that's left all that is left
Is a quiet kind of uncertainty


Where we're going, what we are, what are we doing
Where we'll go, how to live, how to be what's worth knowing

And a heart planted in a landslide
And the anguish of pottted plants outside
We don't know where the ground leads
Where the ground leads

But at least we've got some sun-

Track Name: (3) Caught
Dirt on your soles
Blades of grass under fingernails
Water runs cold
Why do I feel this way?

Floating on my back downstream
Jagged rocks and the sun setting
As blood is dripping from your forearm
And pooling on the loose packed earth

The shape of all stability
Metal spikes and tree roots deep
Distant warm, abilities
We awoke to something new
We awoke to something new
We awoke to something new

Or so we hoped the night before
And every night before as far back
As we can remember which isn't very far
At all

And so we trudge from day to night
And so we trudge from day to night
Toiling in a bog up to our thighs
Toiling in a bog up to our thighs

We are harvesting the difference
we are carving out the negative- space
We are etching ourselves, and our names

Into the concrete that won't last
Nearly as long as we'd like to believe

One day we'll awake to something new
One day we'll awake to something new
One day we'll awake to something new
One day we'll awake and we will know

Just as we knew the nights before
And every night that has come before

All our bodies are a cage
Maybe it's best that we forget
Track Name: (4) Landlocked
7 pointed leaves arranged on tiny twigs
Holding on as tightly as they can

6 heavenly bodies arranged, triangular-ly
The binding glue of all we came to call



Split the sky
Into pieces
Plot a course
Draw the lines

It releases
From the source
Blend the ashes
With the salts

Apply force and
Loose the sails

We're not moving
We're not moving
We're not moving (of our own volition)
We're not moving
We're not moving
We're not moving but
We are compelled to move
Track Name: (5) Rocks
I laid down rocks in my bed
And I fell asleep on the roof again
To the dripping from the drain
Oh and the gentle touch of rain
Upon the- earth

So when they came
To eat me alive
I wasn't there
I wasn't there

So when they came to kill me
I did not die
At least not yet
At least not yet

But as the clouds parted
And as i'm drying out my clothes
Oh there was something in the air
Something, something in the air
And as I'm lying in the light
As my skin is dried and tightening
I fell reaching, to the ground-
For the water, again

but I found only rocks
Track Name: (6) Sun
Oh light in your hair
light in your hair and your- locks
Flowing falling like the water from the dam
Filling me filling us filling up

The tiny rocky islands-
Tiny rocky islands and the pools
Sitting still oh they are warm like the sun
Hitting me on my bare arms and in my heart

My heart the heat my heart the heat
We cannot repeat, we cannot repeat
Oh the sun has set, the sun has set
But we aren't even half done yet

Oh bare- legs
Bare legs bristling with hairs and water
Water wetting oh your skin in the river
And the eddys swirling in my chest

Oh but where now
Where were we when we wandered over
Wandered weary over hills and farms
And the great expanse of nothing 'tween us

This space the heat this space the heat
We cannot repeat we cannot repeat
Oh the sun is setting over hills west
And I am leaving you way out- East
Track Name: (7) Careful
[I lost it, ohp- found it]

I was careful, but the ground wasn't good
It's been raining all night and day
Things were begging to give way

It was summer, nettles nestling at our feet
River over Rock Dam falling
Stones and bricks piled neat

Moon was covered by thick clouds and we-
We had been driving all night and day
The road heaved up and gave way

As we fell
Into the crust
I swear I heard you say

This is how things ought to be
This is how things go
This right here is destiny
The ever present ebb and flow

I was careful, but the hill wasn't neat
It was piled high with memories
Things were just begging to give way

Early autumn, dried leaves crunching under feet
Rain from the Holloway ceiling
Promises incomplete

Rings were broken by our hands and we-
We had been crying the whole night
The clouds just part and dissipate

As we melted
Into ether
I know that I said

This is how things ought to be
This is how things go
This right here is destiny
The ever present ebb and flow

This is what is good for us
This is what we need
There's no use in being proud
There's no place for sorrow now

This is how it ought to be
This is what happens
When you fuck with the fate you're given
You get burned-

In the end
Track Name: (8) Arrival/Departure
You arrived without words
You arrived without feelings, we had come to expect
Of each other,
And ourselves

You came here for me
And it seems I came here just to leave
Everyone again

And we left there together-
But we left there alone
No matter the weather
We'll weather, we'll weather, we'll weather

We arrived in a truck
We arrived to a family, who had come to expect
Each other,
And themselves

But you left here together-
While I stayed here alone
But no matter the weather,
We'll weather, we'll all weather, weather the storms

When I see you again-
Bright sun kissing the smiles that I forget
Through the darkest of winters
I sleep alone, I sleep alone, sleep alone-
Never alone

When I see you again
I won't have to remember those times
When I see you all again
Oh will it ever be the same as before?