split w/ Alyssa Kai

by Achter Kol

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Recorded and mixed by Noel'le Longhaul
Art by Nick Berger

Drums on 'how long?' by Alyssa Kai
Guitar and Vocals by Andromeda

Alyssa Kai @ lyskoi.bandcamp.com

These are the first 5 songs I ever wrote on purpose - they represent a year or more's worth of learning and acceptance of self. Five months later I feel so very far away from them both as songs and recordings.

Thank you for listening.


released December 12, 2016



all rights reserved


Achter Kol Chicago, Illinois

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Track Name: blue
We shared- a view of
treetops and power lines
casting shadows over such blue skies

You invert your palms and shrug
You tell me "I don't know, really"
But you smile and nod your head anyway
Because you're kind

and maybe

That's why
That's why
That's why
I like you

And I want nothing more,
I don't care for the answers to the questions I'm not
Willing to ask
Just know that I love you
And i'm doing my best

You strum the guitar quietly
I slam the strings frenetically
We pray to different gods and beings
But in tangents much the same

I drank- in you
pieces of quietness
and your solitude
casting shadows over such green eyes

Your smile gives me hope
You tell me that I'm doing well
but I already know
because you're kind

and maybe

That's why,
That's why,
That's why,
I like you
Track Name: how long?
How long 'till you're gone,
And I am left with
Foggy memories
Of comics that you drew?

Who's gonna pay to keep you alive,
And how are they going to do it?
With a memorial?
To what- to who?

What's a website mean- to me?
What did you mean- to me?

When all the ghosts have gathered here,
They scratch on the walls with their ballpoint pens

"I'm doing fine"

I feel out of air
But the tank is still half full
And are we meant to wait
For the dawning of some new moon?

Circling the drain,
Tracing your tattoos,
Are my fingers on your skin?
Or was that even you?

Or was that even you?
Track Name: bones
Tracks made up of bones
These hills embankments are our homes
Grooves we dug in the dirt
Tools still wet with the blood of the earth

Like vultures descending
On downed power lines
Let the rust take me back
Or away

Chain link rattling in the light of the new day

Husks discarded en masse
Pray away the stench of gasoline
Concrete split by grass
Silence fills this open wound

Like rats collecting in
Water filled tunnels
Let the rusted pieces
Pass into obscurity

Like flowers blooming on
Abandoned terraces
Let the forest take this place

Track Name: arowana
I was drowning,
in this tide too high
Drain this wicked ichor
from my body
Is this blood, or is this lye?

Flailing lifeless,
on the hard, hardwood floor
Water dripping from the tank and
The knife shoved,
through the door.

Single drum beat - and a bed is all
Moisture soaking - into the boards
Ruined staircase - and a sledgehammer
Knock the drywall down

I can taste it in the- in the air
It tastes like blood and water
TetraMin frozen mid-flight
And I'll never sleep quite right

Track Name: new day's sun
Light streams in,
Throwing cones and rods into disarray
You want nothing more
Than to say

All the words not spilling out

Lonely blue dot,
On a canvas covered in blacks and grays
Are we nothing more
Than just weight?

Pressing on a stretched out sheet

Back and forth,
Rocking back and forth to a beat
That you can't hear
But you feel it in your ribs

As we tumble on inexorably

On the porch,
Sitting on the porch in the heat
That you can feel
'Cus your skin is alight

As we bake in the new day's sun